MDX-R13-PRODUCT-MIX-630x552Simulations with Moldex3D gives you……

  • Optimization of the design phase
  • Improvement of quality
  • Improvement of production
  • Reduction of costs
  • Reduction of energy
  • Reduction of material use
  • Reduction of material waste



eDesign – Moldex3D

Moldex3D eDesign is a solution, which makes it easy to validate designs, constructions and projects with the help of plastic simulation, where the quick injection analysis often is one of the first results, which are interesting. eDesign is based on STL-files from CAD models, and this along with the interactive user interface in Moldex3D, makes it very fast to create precise calculation models, where part, runner system, mould and process, is or can be a part of the model. With the results from the simulations, it is possible to make the right decisions, at the right time in the development process, which gives a shorter development time, and a better productivity and quality.

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Professional – Moldex3D

Moldex3D Professional is a package solution, which gives you the ability to run simulations with the highest level of precision. Moldex3D Professional uses the revolutionizing Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM) method. Designer BLM makes it possible to creative precise simulation models faster and with higher precision than ever seen before. Models which previously had to be modeled as mid plane models, can now without problems be solved in real 3D, without compromising on precision, and at the same time achieve shorter calculation times. Many prism layers in the mesh model means that the calculation time is shortened dramatically, which ensures that Moldex3D is even easier to include, as an integrated tool in the development process. Moldex3D Professional offers a wide range of extra possibilities, which can include every detail in the simulation models, and get the ideal result. Moldex3D – eDesign is included in Moldex3D Professional.

Moldex3D Professional gives a lot of options, such as multi component molding, conformal cooling, CFD calculation of water flow, overmolding of metal or plastic components and so on. FlowHow® are ready to give you a better overview of the options in Moldex3D Professional, so just call or mail, and we´re there for you.

Moldex3D professional is the correct package solution for you, if you want the complete solution prepared for the future.

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Advanced – Moldex3D

With Moldex3D Advanced, you get the same as with Moldex3D Professional, plus more options with unique add-on modules, which might be exactly what you need in your company. With Moldex3D Advanced you have all degrees of freedom to create simulations, which are built on midplane/shell modelling. Moldex3D Advanced helps often experienced users to simulate precisely on very specialized issues, such as optic abilities, compression molding and so on.

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Product Portfolio Matrix and features – Moldex3D

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