FlowHow® consults in all phases of a plastic products lifetime from the first idea, through part and tool construction to running-in and ongoing production.

FlowHow® offers competent and efficient consultancy in the areas of:

  • Brainstorming on solutions
  • Construction review
  • Optimization of the injection molding process
  • Conformal cooling
  • Injection compression molding
  • Sequential molding
  • Multi component molding (2K, 3K, Co-injection, Bi-injection, overmolding)
  • Tool construction (cooling layout, cooling conditions)
  • Dimensioning of hot and cold runner systems

FlowHow® offers competent and efficient consultancy, based on long industrial experience in injection molding and simulations. FlowHow® are experts with a very high level of expertise in all kinds of simulations with Moldex3D. Here is a selection of some of the results, we can deliver, besides from the more ordinary results, like filling, weld lines, air traps etc.

  • Fiber orientation in fiberfilled materials
  • Core deflections under injection
  • Residual stress
  • Connection of results between Moldex3D and structural software.
  • Optical properties
  • Flow in cooling channels (CFD-calculations)
  • Powder injection molding on a green subject (PIM/MIM)
  • Gas and water assisted injection molding

Special knowledge: laser sintered cores for injection molding tools (conformal cooling). Are you in doubt about, how you should design your special cooling, we can help. FlowHow® has many years of experience in the area of best practice for design and manufacturing of laser sintered cores.


How can we work together?

  • We solve the task from the FlowHow® offices, with use of the best online meeting tools and meetings in person when needed
  • We are in the entirety or parts of the project period by the client.

Contract around consultancy:

We make the basis of contract according to your wishes/needs, and what is best suited for the job:

  • We use a set price, where it is possible to describe the task very precisely
  • Hourly price is used for consultancy jobs, where the size and content of the job, can´t be clearly defined. A limit for the expense can be decided on beforehand

Fields that FlowHow® support:

  • Medico
  • Transport
  • Electronics
  • Injection molding tools
  • Packaging
  • Consumer goods
  • All other areas, where plastic components are used


FlowHow® solve all tasks with full confidence and discretion. Non Disclosure Agreements are used as basis of contract, if there is going to be a formal agreement, which supports the trust, we build up through our collaboration.

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